Inauguration of University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Applied Agriculture) under the umbrella of Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Welcome to the National Agriculture Education College (NAEC), Afghanistan’s only agricultural vocational teacher training institute, where students are supported and trained to become teachers at Afghanistan’s Agricultural High Schools. NAEC’s goal is to rebuild the agricultural education system throughout the country to ensure that young girls and boys not only get access to quality education, but to drive innovation in the agricultural sector as a whole, contributing to lasting food security for the country.

“NAEC’s doors are open to the graduates of agricultural high schools from all over Afghanistan, without regard to gender, ethnic group, family wealth, politics or connections. At NAEC, students learn more than just knowledge and skills; they also build and develop their character, mutual respect, critical thinking and integrity.”

Ezzatullah Murad, General Manager of NAEC. 

“NAEC is not only a teacher training college, but we are also a change agent in the agricultural education system of Afghanistan. Our achievements shows our hard work towards better education in the agriculture sector. We appreciate collaborative learning and experiments, and of course in this learning process we develop and improve ourselves and NAEC every time.”

– Hamdullah Tokhi, Dean of NAEC.