Female NAEC Graduates Sharing the Benefits of Their Internships!

NAEC supported 7 female graduates of the Agribusiness Management, Rural Development and Plant Science Departments toward beginning four month (January-April, 2015) internships in one of the MAIL (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock) projects, with the objective to enable these girls to to familiarise themselves with the working environment.

Initially, they were trained in the use of ‘wood frame’ , ‘cold frame’, ‘tunnel plastic’ and ‘compost cold frame’. They were then able to give training to local housewives on these technologies and use for preparing vegetables for their kitchen in off season/winter.

After the successful completion of their internship, NAEC invited them to share their knowledge with our own grade 14 students. These girls worked for 10 days at NAEC, preparing the training modules. During these days, they also got the opportunity to work at NAEC as a trainer, and get familiar with working in an academic institution. June 4th was a successful day for them as they shared their knowledge with other students and compared what they have learnt at NAEC and in MAIL. Apart from training, they encouraged other students to complete internships in any organization or institution for their development and to get work experience.