NAEC Staff Capacity Building

National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) does not only elevate Agriculture education in overall Afghanistan, but focuses on its staff capacity building as well.  Capacity building is what we could keep our staff updated about modern methods and technologies in Agriculture sector. Therefore, NAEC provides sophisticated trainings to its faculty and staff.

This year NAEC organized practical trainings on different topics for Animal Science, Plant Science and Agribusiness Management departments. The trainings held in one of India’s prestigious agriculture colleges known as College of Agriculture and Allied Sciences located in Baramati, Pune state of India.  As first batch of the training, Animal Science department was sent to obtain professional training in Modern Dairy Farm Management and Laboratory Technique Skills. Theory, practical work, excursions to different agriculture colleges, universities, local and some well-known farms such as Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm, Govind Dairy Farm and Gea Farm Technology were part of this vital training.

Moreover, In coming February faculty of Agribusiness Management department will participate in their training on Agribusiness Planning, Quality Management, Supply & Value Chain Management and Processing and Plant Science department faculty will participate in a separate training on Experimental Design & Research, Plant Protection, Breeding, Soil & Water Management, Green house and Forest Management.