Rural development and Sustainable Resource Management Training for Female Field Practitioners

A two-month training  under  the title of “Rural Development and Sustainable Resource Management Training For Female Field Practitioners” was held by cooperation of National Agriculture Education College (NAEC)and  HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation, conducted by NAEC and funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), February and March 2016, and just finished successfully.

Having educated females in urban areas who are not usually willing to work in rural areas and having females in rural areas who are not educated in agriculture has created a gap between the need location and expertise location. In order to address the gap, the training was mainly held to enhance the capacity of Afghan female field practitioners in rural development and sustainable resource management. Fifty Female Field Practitioners and young female graduates gathered from all over Afghanistan in the training. Having this number of female practitioners in the training itself was an achievement as gathering female field practitioners from provinces was a huge challenge.

One of participants claimed that it was not only a training course, but also a valuable experience sharing between participants from different areas with different backgrounds.

Another participant emphasized the level of the training and practical works:” I have attended many other training courses during my employment, but the training level, methodology and practical works of this training were unique”.

Topics covered in this training course included but not limited to: sustainable agriculture and livestock management, participatory extension, extension need analysis, horticulture and kitchen gardening.