Fruit Nursery

National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) has around 2ha farm land which is being used by teachers and students as teaching tool. The fruit nursery is a small controlled area of NAEC teaching farm which is managed by students under Teachers and farm team supervision.

The fruit Nursery is an important Farm area for practicing different agricultural activities, like: Students are learning how to prepare nursery layout, land preparation, seed calculation, bed preparation, seed sowing, fertilizers application, irrigation and different kind of grafting techniques like T-budding, side grafting, Air layering, pruning of extra branches and so on. In which 300 male and female students work together and they are able to learn how to establish and manage.

The Nursery has 700 stone and nuts seedlings and both male and female students could learn about different techniques on how to manage a small nursery, however, after graduation they would spread their knowledge in their own social environment.