NAEC Livestock Farm

Construction of NAEC livestock farm is successfully completed. This farm is located on the north side of NAEC’s agriculture farm with the size of 200sqm (2 barn stable, small yard and small sun shield for practical works). The main purpose of the livestock farm is helping students to acquire hands-on experience working practically on animals, perform several animal husbandry practices  and livestock techniques such as artificial insemination in cows, animal vaccination, animal nutrition, management, treatment of sick animals ,taking vitals of a sick animal, handling and restraining of farm animals.

The main animals in the farm are dairy cattle, sheep and goat, which are in line with modules taught in the Animal Science Department specialization course to 14th grade students. The 50sqm of the farm is allocated for the construction of the livestock houses, 50sqm is allocated for sun shield for practical work, and 100sqm is yard for animals grazing.

Animal science department has diversity of the farm animals at NAEC. The Livestock farm has helped the students to improve their clinical skills and helped them to gain more insight about animal husbandry techniques.

The fourth semester practical works, which are done by students in NAEC farm, are as below:

  • Application of artificial insemination(AI) on cattle
  • Preparation of AI gun
  • Usage of different medicine on farm animals
  • Injection application on farm animals.
  • Observation of animal’s body temperature and respiration.