In-service Training Program

An in-service training program is held based on new curriculum by National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) to Agriculture Vocational High School Teachers since 16/Dalwa/1395 and 355 Teachers have participated in this training from different Provincial High Schools.

The in-service training covers two major points:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Technical and vocational subjects

Practical works which are done in in-service Training relating to Animal Science Department are as follow:

Practical activities:

  • Fish and chicken necropsy and introduction to the internal organs.
  • Demonstration of animal and plant cells with help of microscope.
  • Demonstration of Animal heart structure and its functions.
  • Methods of Handling and restraining of different animals
  • Observing microbial shapes with help of microscope.
  • Performance of Artificial insemination in cows
  • Castration of sheep
  • Animal Tagging
  • Frozen sperm storage using Liquid Nitrogen
  • Animal Husbandry techniques (hoof cutting, dehorning, taking animal body temperature)


  • Visiting Bene-Hesar cattle farm and observing sperm quality.
  • Visiting Qargha Fish farm and performing fish Necropsy
  • Visiting Guzarga Sperm production laboratory and processing unit
  • Visiting Guzarga Dairy product packaging and processing Unit