Inauguration of NAEC school-farm

On 25th June, NAEC school-farm was officially inaugurated in the presence of government agencies, the private sector, and international stakeholders.

During the event, Mr. Abdul Hamid Akbari Deputy Academic Affairs of TVET-A, Mr.  Hamdullah Hamdard Extension Director of MAIL, Mr. Najeeb Malik Senior Adviser of Extension directorate of MAIL presented their valuable recommendations and insights. At the same time, the delegates showed promise of cooperation in order to enrich and improve the practical activities in NAEC school-farm.

On the sideline of this event, Memorandum of Understanding was signed between NAEC – Kabul University and NAEC – Hilal Group for further coordination and collaborations.

After the inauguration of the school-farm, all the delegates were oriented with the overall NAEC activities and its achievements.

It is worth to mention; this event was originated from the Project Cycle Management module, which was initiated by the Rural Development Department; with the direct support of the NAEC Management Team.

14th-grade students (Rural Development specialization) implemented this project, keeping in mind the five cycle of Project Management.