NAEC opened its doors in April 2012 and is the only teacher training institute in Afghanistan that trains students to become teachers at agricultural high schools (AHSs).

The majority of people in Afghanistan derive their livelihood from agriculture. Thus, a healthy and thriving agricultural sector is an essential component of sustained wellbeing and economic growth. Educating future AHS teachers plays an important part in creating farmers who are better informed, and better able to increase their yields. This in its turn will improve the Afghan food and nutrition security.

Agricultural high schools (AHS), as secondary level schools, teach at grade levels 10-12. As of 2015, there are over 120 AHSs in Afghanistan, with a total student population of over 10.000. NAEC provides a tertiary-level, two-year agricultural teacher training at grade levels 13-14. With the number of schools and students expected to significantly increase over the next several years, ensuring the future and quality of education of these AHSs is essential.

Through its strong partnership with the Deputy Ministry of Technical Vocation and Educational Training (DMTVET), NAEC is central in vocational agricultural education in Afghanistan. By training its students to become excellent teachers, training existing teachers to improve their skills and by developing and supporting the adoption of modern, wide-ranging AHS curricula, NAEC is at the forefront of vocational agricultural education developments.

At NAEC students are taught by an outstanding faculty of whom many hold an international Master’s degree from countries such as Hungary, India, the Netherlands, Iran, Korea and Pakistan. Currently over 20% of the faculty are women. Students come from across Afghanistan and NAEC offers its students free education, including board and lodging.