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NAEC First-Ever Study Day

The first-ever Study Day/event was held at NAEC on 25th Dec 2019.   The event started with the recitation of a few verses of the Holy Quran, followed by the opening message of the general manager Mr. Ezzatullah Murad. Three very useful and informative presentations were given by Mr. Naseer Ahmad, Ms. Karima Dariz and Mr. Sebghatullah Bazgar to NAEC Staff accompanied by few indoor games in-between the presentations. Some outdoor games; tag of war, shot-put, and table tennis were organised for recreational purposes.

In the end, the General Manager of National Agriculture Education College appreciated all the NAEC staff for their hard-working and the achievements made in the year 2019. Some of the staff were provided with awards and certificates for their hard work and tireless efforts. 

Dutch Embassy Officials’ Visit to NAEC

On 12 Oct, 2019 high officials of the embassy of the Netherlands paid a visit to the National Agriculture Education College. The delegation met with the management team and some students of NAEC. The achievements, activities and future plan of NAEC were shared with delegation by the Management Team. The delegation met with the NAEC students in field farm meanwhile the students shared their experience of education at NAEC with the high officials of the embassy. The delegation appreciated the good work done by the NAEC….

NAEC signed MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

A right step forward, the National Agriculture Education College signed MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (on co-operation and collaboration in the field of Agriculture education, Training and extension).

The MoU was signed on 5th Sep 2019 in the presence of Director-General for Planning & Policy Coordination (MAIL) and other officials, and Mr. Ezzatullah Murad (General Manager NAEC). 

The objective of this MoU is to enhance close collaboration and cooperation between the MAIL and NAEC to improve agriculture education, training, research, and extension services to contribute to the overall goal of improving food security, reducing poverty and stimulating private sector development in Afghanistan. 

Sixth Batch Graduation Ceremony

On 18 July, 2019, National Agriculture Education College held a graduation ceremony for the students of Sixth Batch. Over 154 students, consisting of Male and Female students obtained their degrees in four different specializations (Plant Science, Animal Science, Agri-Business Management and Rural Development).

The graduated students will serve Afghanistan as professional agriculture instructors. National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) is Afghanistan’s only agricultural vocational teacher training institute, where students are supported and trained to become teachers at Agriculture High Schools (AHS).

Best wishes to all of them!

Following is a photo gallery taken during the ceremony:

Inauguration of NAEC school-farm

On 25th June, NAEC school-farm was officially inaugurated in the presence of government agencies, the private sector, and international stakeholders.

During the event, Mr. Abdul Hamid Akbari Deputy Academic Affairs of TVET-A, Mr.  Hamdullah Hamdard Extension Director of MAIL, Mr. Najeeb Malik Senior Adviser of Extension directorate of MAIL presented their valuable recommendations and insights. At the same time, the delegates showed promise of cooperation in order to enrich and improve the practical activities in NAEC school-farm.

On the sideline of this event, Memorandum of Understanding was signed between NAEC – Kabul University and NAEC – Hilal Group for further coordination and collaborations.

After the inauguration of the school-farm, all the delegates were oriented with the overall NAEC activities and its achievements.

It is worth to mention; this event was originated from the Project Cycle Management module, which was initiated by the Rural Development Department; with the direct support of the NAEC Management Team.

14th-grade students (Rural Development specialization) implemented this project, keeping in mind the five cycle of Project Management.

Pictorial overview of the Visit to NAEC by Dutch Delegation

On 29th Jan, 2019 high officials of the embassy of the Netherlands paid a visit to the National Agriculture Education College. The delegation met with the management team and some students of NAEC. The achievements, activities and future plan of NAEC were shared with delegation by the Management Team. The students also shared their experience of education at NAEC. The delegation appreciated the good work done by the NAEC….

Distribution of Grade 12 Text Books for Agriculture High Schools

The National Agriculture Education College Team is busy in distribution of Agriculture High Schools Grade 12 textbooks, Teacher’s Instructions, Posters and Game cards throughout Afghanistan. In total, copies of 6 Different textbooks, 5 copies of Teacher’s Instructions for each textbook sent to 160 Agriculture High Schools.
In addition, some visual aids (91 different types of posters and 60 different game cards) also given to Agriculture High Schools.
NAEC believes that intervention will bring significant improvement in teaching and ultimately in agriculture education.
Great Job and Congratulation to NAEC Team especially to the Curriculum Development Unit.

PPP delegation visit to NAEC

A delegation from the Directorate of Public Private Partnership of Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan visited the National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) on 5 Jan/2019. During this visit officials of PPP Directorate met with NAEC management team and shared opinions on registration of NAEC with PPP Directorate as a PPP institute.

An orientation was given to the delegation of PPP Directorate about NAEC activities and facilities (laboratories, library, Computer lab, Class rooms and field Farm)

Outstanding Organizations value the contribution of staff.

Based on the above principle, NAEC organized a relaxation picnic for it’s staff after a hard work during the In-service training for cold areas.

Based on the efforts of the National Agriculture Education colleges’ staff, during in-service training program in which more than 500 Agriculture High Schools’ teachers from cold areas participated, has been successfully completed. In order to encourage and motivate the staff, the top management of NAEC considered a picnic and unique amusement in Sarobi district of Kabul on 24/02/2019. This Picnic shaped in friendship and lovely atmosphere with clean air and a beautiful environment of Sarobi.

We would like to thank the loved ones who worked for cooking delicious food.

In-Service Training Program for the Agriculture Vocational High Schools’ Teachers cold area Jan-Feb 2019

The in-service training program for Agriculture Vocational High Schools’ teachers has been held at National Agriculture Education College. This training is designed based on the new curriculum developed for grade 12 by National Agriculture Education College; the first round started on 13/Jan/2019 and will end on 25 January. The Second round has been started on 21 and going to end on 04 February 2019.

Almost 275 trainees had participated in the first round and it’s expected that more than 210 trainees will join the second round of the program.

Accordance to NAEC In-Service Training Program plan this program will be held for the warm area Agriculture Vocational High School Teachers’ in the coming months of July- August 2019.