Communication and Training

Teaching and learning are complex processes. Nowadays, students accuse their schools of not preparing them adequately for the requirements of labor market, by conducting boring and non-interactive lectures and classes. The list of objections towards the education system, especially in Afghanistan is getting longer each year. Here in Afghanistan, criteria for becoming teacher is often only focused on content knowledge, not didactic knowledge, which is a big reasons for gaps in teaching and learning process .

National Agriculture Education College (NAEC) is a teachers’ training college, which trains teachers for agriculture high schools (AHS). According to NAEC objective, the Communication and Training Department is one of the main pillars of NAEC. This department is trying to look for better ways of education,  because producing highly skilled teachers is one of the single most important influences on student success.

We equip our students (future teachers) with technical knowledge of agriculture along with didactic knowledge.  The difference between subject area understanding alone and pedagogical content knowledge is like some teachers have important understandings of the content and concepts, but they cannot explain them to their students.

Didactic knowledge is the capacity to transform specific information into powerful and adaptive versions that facilitate student growth and understanding. Therefore, teachers who demonstrate such capabilities understand how learners with various ability levels learn that information. Effective pedagogical practice promotes the well-being and quality of students and teachers at NAEC, improving students’ and teachers’ confidence and contributing to community confidence in the quality of learning and teaching at NAEC.

Module outlines of Communication and Training department:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • New Teaching Approaches
  • Educational Technology

The Communication and Training Department tries not to deliver only knowledge, but to develop the skill and attitude of students. Students at NAEC make creative posters, written articles and tool-kits, radio programs and videos. Students experience and practice teaching, communication skills, presentation skills and demonstrate their ability to create lessons that meet the needs of individual learners and incorporate their classroom management styles because effective teaching involves more than planning and content area expertise.

The department motivates the students to think creatively and bring new ideas to the class. We students in innovation and creativity and encourages them to work hard and think out of the box.

We want our students to feel safe and learn effectively. Therefore a wide variety of teaching strategies are essential in order to develop effective methods of teaching at the highest level.

These modules provide possible strategies of mainstreaming which teachers could apply in order to facilitate better retention in Agriculture High Schools.

In general the main objective of this department is to enable students to practice communication and didactic skills in order to be able use it as their own competence in teaching in AHSs.