On-Campus Farm

At NAEC, practical work – both in the classroom and in the field – is a key part of the curriculum. The NAEC Farm is found on the grounds by the college buildings. It includes an aquaculture garden, greenhouses, a terraced agricultural plot, an orchard and a vineyard – as well as facilities and equipment for harvesting and post-harvest activities. The goal is to provide the necessary resources to support an exploratory learning environment – for students to be able to observe and participate in using different production methods, new varieties and new approaches to farm management. The site therefore offers practical learning opportunities on composting, soil and water conservation, vegetables and grip trellising, horticulture, hydroponics, and post-harvest and handling skills. Eventually it will also include facilities for livestock.

The NAEC farm facilities are used to:

  • Increase the practical skills of students and faculty in agricultural production, processing, livestock keeping and farm management;
  • Introduce improved technology for agricultural production and processing that provide a balance between traditional and high-tech methods, and are not too costly;
  • Demonstrate practical teaching methodologies;
  • Give students responsibility for experimentation and development of their own plots of land over a growing season;
  • Provide students access to farm land for their second year income-generating project.


labretorieNAEC has a specialized, well-equipped laboratory spaces for fundamental and applied research and experimentation purposes. Students can use the equipment to carry out practical experiments and assignments for courses taught in the Plant and Animal science departments.

Besides practical learning for students, the NAEC Science lab is used to provide analytical services to agricultural organizations, producers, consumers, and agribusinesses. Our equipment can carry out testing regarding:

•    Soil analysis
•    Irrigation water quality
•    Microbiology
•    Seed germination and viability
•    Animal product quality


The NAEC library provides an important place of quiet retreat for teachers to carry out literature research in preparing their teaching materials. The growing library is well stocked with books, magazines and other resources covering all aspects of agriculture and education. As of the end of 2013, the library had 1000 books in the fields of marketing, agricultural value chain, livestock issues, pasture management, arable and horticulture crop production, pest and disease management, farm management, rural development issues, agricultural extension and research; as well as manuals on teaching methods and approaches, English language guides; and national and international magazines.

The library hours are from 8am to 4pm.

Computer Lab:

NAEC has a well-furnished computer lab, with 25 computers available for students to use. The students can use the computer lab and other learning tools on a daily basis from 8am – 4pm. These computers are used intensively during IT training classes. Every class has three periods per week for training. The internet is available to students at NAEC within the computer Lab.



New facilities have been built on campus to house 500 students, in 60 rooms. Every room is equipped with beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, carpets, study chairs and tables for the students. Special care is taken to ensure good cleanliness and quality standards. The dormitory contains eight bathroom facilities equipped with toilets and showers, with boilers, and running water and electricity. The dorms are protected with security guards. On campus, students receive lunch service from NAEC, while breakfast and dinner are provided by DMTVET.