IT Training

As we all know, it is the period of science and technology, and  information technology has a great extent of influence on new generations. Therefore, NAEC wants agricultural students to be familiar with the essential knowledge on information technology.

The agricultural students, who are going to be graduated, will cover across Afghanistan’s market and agriculture schools, so information technology will be one of their primary usages in their works. NAEC has prepared a curriculum, which will cover all the primary needs of their career.

The main objective of conducting ICT teaching in NAEC is to familiarize students with importance of ICT and its usages in general and in Agriculture in particular; to learn how to use computer (IT) for their benefits as preparing Reports, Research, and Presentations etc.

Followings are the contents of ICT subject which are taught in NAEC for four semesters (Two years):

  1. Fundamentals of IT
  2. MS Windows
  3. Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  4. Internet (Browsing, Searching, Mailing, collecting information etc).
  5. Typing of three languages such as English, Pashto and Dari (Persian) and using different typing games.