General Manager’s Message

As General Manager of National Agriculture Education College (NAEC), I welcome you to this extraordinary community of learners and to a great opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

NAEC, as the only non-profit, semi-autonomous agricultural institute in Afghanistan, aims to train and graduate teachers for agricultural high schools and to upgrade the existing curricula of agricultural high schools and institutes. At NAEC, students are taught by an outstanding faculty, of whom 19 have completed a Master’s degree. Most of the faculty hold their Master’s from Wageningen University, in the Netherlands, which is one of the highest ranking universities in the world.

NAEC doors are open to the graduates of agricultural high schools from all over Afghanistan, without regard to gender, ethnic group, family wealth, politics or connections. We are also looking to the possibilities of keeping our doors open to the students’ graduated from general high schools, who now have a strong interest in agriculture.

At NAEC, students learn more than just knowledge and skills; they also build and develop their character, mutual respect, critical thinking and integrity.

As you view our website, take a few moments to read NAEC’s History, Vision and Mission, and I am sure you will be impressed at the great steps that NAEC has made so far. Please also get an overview of NAEC’s academic programs, facilities and services, and read about the remarkable accomplishments of our esteemed faculty.

Ezzatullah Murad